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Participatory workshops with young people on the topic of financial consumer protection

On behalf of the consumer centers, matrix GmbH & Co. KG together with Fe: male innovation hub Workshops at schools in Düsseldorf. The young people themselves should help shape what a digital budget application should look like in the project "My finances, my life under control!" Consumer advice center NRW is currently planned.

Phase 3 der Ko-Kreativen Workshops

The application is intended to help children and young people to get an overview of their budget, their income and expenditure as well as their wishes and plans. Dealing with everyday issues and practical financial knowledge, e.g. B. on legal capacity, sales contract law or provision, will be part of the tool. In doing so, they should also learn to use the necessary knowledge safely and independently with new, digital financial technologies and to be able to use them confidently.

Participatory approach

In order to meet the needs of the target group in terms of content and design and to arouse both a thirst for knowledge and fun using it, the application is developed in cooperation with pupils, teachers, parents' associations, universities and technical experts. That is why workshops were held with students in Düsseldorf to find out their expectations.

Arne Klauke, who headed the project at matrix, emphasizes the importance of the participatory approach: “When developing the concept, we used the co-creation approach. The young people who should ultimately use the digital tool were included in the process and it should be adapted to their realities of life: which apps do the young target group prefer, for what reasons and how can a supposedly dry topic like financial planning be interesting and perhaps for them even be designed to be entertaining? ”In the workshops, not only the key functions of a digital budget application should be worked out, but also reasons for using such an app and focusing on financial topics.

Under the motto "My finances, my life under control!", The young people first dealt with important issues relating to growing up:

  • What is left of my pocket money at the end of the month?
  • Can I afford the backpack?
  • What payment options are there and what should I pay attention to when using digital payment methods?
  • What do I have to consider when paying in installments? And what is a direct debit actually?

Dealing with money has to be learned and is riddled with all kinds of pitfalls.

Documentation of the concept workshop

In the participatory workshops, the young people got to know agile methods in order to define their requirements for such a digital application. In doing so, they developed personas, i.e. target group representatives, in order to define the needs of their age group. In the next step, the participants worked out in a World Café which functions are necessary in a digital application.

The Walter-Eucken-Berufskolleg Düsseldorf took part in the project with a one-day workshop and the community secondary school in Bernburger Strasse with a three-day workshop. The collected knowledge and the requirements flow into the further process of creating the digital application.

background objects

The project is carried out by the North Rhine-Westphalia consumer center with the support of the Saarland consumer center.

Surveys regularly show that the financial skills of young people in Germany are far from sufficient. For example, according to a Forsa survey, only eight percent of young people between the ages of 16 and 25 rate their financial skills as “very good” to “good” (Forsa W² Jugend-Finanzmonitor 2018). The survey also shows that the uncertainty among young people increases with the complexity of financial issues. Children and young people need basic economic knowledge, they should know economic relationships and basic consumer rights. You should learn to cope financially in everyday life, to keep an eye on your short-term and long-term income and expenses and to avoid over-indebtedness.