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Financing concepts, social media, etc. for MINT networks as an online seminar

MINT professionals from matrix as guest lecturers

How do you get children and young people excited about scientific and technical topics, what are the components of successful communication and networking, and which financing concepts are suitable for regional projects? MINT funding is a complex task in which a wide variety of factors have to be taken into account. It is all the more important to network the various MINT regions and actors, to exchange ideas about successful concepts and to pass on knowledge.

matrix has supported the project for many years zdi.NRW "Future through Innovation" Gathered extensive experience in the field of MINT funding - from supporting regional networks to communication work. As part of the online seminars of the STEM regionsby the Amber-Stiftung are held at regular intervals, the matrix team shared its expertise in various presentations. The digital events were recorded so that they are also available to MINT actors afterwards: Arne Klauke, Klaus Bömken, Birthe Dobertin, Magdalena Hein and Luisa Rosenow provide insights into the topics of social media, funding applications, newsletter design and topic-specific Communication campaigns.

MINT online seminar # 30: zdi-Heldinnen-Oktober - the communication campaign for girls & MINT (22.10.2020)

For one month, the zdi-Heldinnen-October will focus on personal stories, projects and topics related to MINT and girls and young women in the zdi.NRW community offensive. In the webinar of the Körber Foundation for MINT regional networkers, speaker Magdalena Hein, project manager of zdi.NRW, reports on the goals, concept and experiences of the communication campaign.

MINT online seminar # 6: Social media for MINT networks (13.12.2017)

In the first MINT online seminar of the matrix, Arne Klauke, Head of the Communication and Marketing department, is dedicated to the topic of “Social Media for MINT Regions”. The communications professional uses clear examples to explain how a MINT region can be active in social media. He also gives helpful tips and tricks on the various platforms that can be used with a smaller budget.

Notice: The online seminar was recorded three years ago. For social media, this is a considerable period of time in which a lot has changed and evolved - target audiences, for example, have shifted. The comparison of the trends back then with today's trends is particularly exciting.

MINT online seminar # 8: Financing models (20.03.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX)

Dr. Klaus Bömken, long-time project manager of the joint initiative Future through Innovation, gives a useful overview of financing concepts for MINT regions, from subsidies to donations in kind. How can companies be won over to work? And why should STEM regions rely on mixed financing? Dr. Bömken in the 8th MINT online seminar of the MINT regions.

MINT online seminar # 16: Designing a newsletter (June 18.06.2019, XNUMX)

Using the newsletter as an instrument for networking efficiently and in compliance with data protection regulations - this was what Birthe Dobertin spoke about in the 16th MINT online seminar. Why is the newsletter a useful tool for STEM regions? As a MINT actor, how do I develop a good newsletter concept? And what should be considered when creating the newsletter? Birthe Dobertin explains step by step how MINT regions can create a good and data protection compliant newsletter with simple means.

MINT online seminar series on the topic of "Social Media for MINT regions"

Whether Instagram, WhatsApp or Twitter - social media permeate almost all areas of private and public life. The platforms and messenger services are a means of communication, a source of inspiration and information at the same time and offer the MINT regions the opportunity to present themselves to a broader public and to exchange ideas with the target group. Using the mostly free tools, you can place your own MINT offers, find potential regional partners and establish contacts with other MINT actors.

MINT Online Seminar # 31: Social Media for MINT Regions I - An Introduction (November 24.11.2020, XNUMX)

The online video series starts with an introduction to the topic. Speaker Luisa Rosenow from the matrix, who is primarily involved in the zdi.NRW project, presents the most common social media platforms and messenger services. What platforms are there and how do they work? Which target groups are addressed? And how can the different platforms be used by the MINT regions? These and other questions will be answered in the webinar.

MINT-Online-Seminar # 32: Social Media for MINT-Regions II - Implementation (03.12.2020)

In the second webinar in the series, Luisa Rosenow looks at specific implementation options. How do I start using social media as a MINT actor? Why is it worth developing a social media strategy? And what should you watch out for in content planning?