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The Stromberger plum - a strengthening of the brand in its sustainability

Matrix Agrarberatung finds new sales markets for a regional fruit variety

The Surmann farm is located in Stromberg in the east of Münsterland, where plums are cultivated on 12 hectares. In a second line of business, the dairy farm produces and markets the regional fruit, which grows particularly well under the climatic and soil conditions. The Stromberger plum has been protected by EU-wide trademark law since 2013 and may only be sold and marketed as such by a producer group. For the farmer, however, the fruit variety poses a challenge - the competitive situation is fierce and the desired margin is not achieved.


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Transparency disclaimer: The film was made over a longer period of time, so it also contains recordings from before the corona pandemic.

A large proportion of the annual harvest goes into industrial processing with correspondingly low margins. Additional marketing and new possibilities for further processing are in demand. The farmer turns to this with this clear objective Cornelius Werring and Ludger Reckmann, who as Agricultural consultants driving innovations in agriculture and support farmers to gain more entrepreneurial freedom.

Verkauf der Stromberger Pflaume auf dem lokalen Wochenmarkt
The sale at the local weekly market as a lucrative sales opportunity compared to the industrial processing of the fruit

For Stromberger Pflaume, in close cooperation with Mr. Surmann, they develop an action plan that focuses on the special features of the product and brings regional players together: On the one hand, the local weekly market is identified as a profitable sales opportunity, on the other hand, contact is established with regional producers of dairy products . In addition to selling it on the market, the idea for a plum yogurt from the region was born.

For the production of the plum yoghurt partners are sought and a recipe for the fruit puree to be processed is agreed. The first fruit yoghurts with Stromberger plums will be created in November 2020 - the result is promising and has a convincing taste, and the feedback has been consistently positive. In order to test market acceptance, Hof Fockenbrock in Telgte will be producing 20.000 yoghurts by the end of the year, and production is to be expanded significantly next year: the result of successful agricultural advice based on the individual starting point and the needs of the farm.

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Der erste Frucht-Joghurt mit der Stromberger Pflaume
The first fruit yoghurt with the Stromberger plum