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"MINTvernetzt" - nationwide contact point for MINT actors: inside


“MINTvernetzt” starts work as a central service and contact point for MINT actors. Federal Minister of Education Anja Karliczek opened the MINT networking center funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with 12 million euros.

"MINTvernetzt" offers exchange, advice and practical tips as well as specific suggestions for innovative and sustainable MINT educational offers. It is aimed at all MINT-active people in Germany: Providers of programming courses or experimentation programs for children and young people, employees of school laboratories or research workshops, coordinators of regional MINT networks and clusters or volunteers who provide insights into the Organize professional practice.

Federal Education Minister Anja Karliczek emphasizes: “MINT actors: inside teach children and young people important future skills: They offer application-oriented knowledge, current research findings and insights into professional practice. I am very happy that these actors now have a common roof to find bundled information, to share knowledge and to receive impulses for their work. "


matrix is ​​responsible for the MINT-E platform and community management

The matrix gGmbH As a “MINTvernetzt” network partner, he is responsible for the technical and conceptual structure of the MINT-E platform and community management. In this role, matrix enables the intuitive journey of the user: inside through the lively offer. "We want to encourage the MINT community to get actively involved and inspire users to use the platform for their own content," explains Arne Klauke, including head of the community department in the matrix group. As part of research funding, the MINTvernetzt team at matrix would like to investigate the requirements that an e-platform has to offer the nationwide MINT community in order to support and promote the networking and activation of this community - of course, in compliance with data protection regulations.

"MINTvernetzt" is supported by the Amber-Stiftung, the matrix gGmbH, The National STEM Forum, The Donors' Association and the University of Regensburg.

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