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FAB16: FabLabs from all over the world come together


The FAB16 reaches over 2000 FabLabs in 126 countries. The aim of the event? The exchange and discussion of new ideas in a community around digital fabrication, technology and innovation. With our focus on the area "Open Innovation Lab" we are particularly pleased to take part in the international event. It will take place in digital form from August 9 to 15 and will bring together members of the international FabLab network, government representatives, experts in the field of digital manufacturing and academic researchers.

Enthusiastic about the FabLab idea, the matrix group participates in exciting workshops by matrix GmbH & Co. KG and its non-profit sister matrix gGmbH and, among other things, brings its knowledge from the project MakeOpaedics and the Fabricademy with a.

Interested parties have the opportunity to take part in inspiring online events and to network with people from all over the world!

Addendum from August 19:

Matrix submitted two papers at Fab16. The paper from our Makeopedics team won second place in the Best Paper Award: "Development of an open-source digital fabricated diabetic foot monitoring system" presents the developed prototype of a sensor-based sole system for patients with a Charcot foot. The paper from the Fabricademy with the project (link) "Innovation Ecosystem for women makers through textile labs and the approach“Gives concrete recommendations for the design of innovation ecosystems and explains approaches how the maker movement can overcome the gender gap.

We are there with the following workshops:

From Soft Robotics to Biobotics


Workshop Leader: Adriana Cabrera | matrix GmbH & Co. KG, Anastasia Pistofidou | Iaac | FabLab Barcelona

Control and actuation of devices simulating the smoothness and smartness that is found in living organisms.

Soft Robotics is an emergent field in robots and materials that use pneumatics to control and actuate devices simulating the smoothness and smartness found in living organisms. It sounds like a very complex topic. Therefore, we want to explore some general ideas about prototyping with flexible, bio and smart materials to make pneumatic actuated structures. In this workshop, we will explore bio-fabrication, 3D design, experimenting with 3D printing, and molding & casting, having a hands-on approach to Soft Robotics and Biobotics.

Let's explore the potentials of this novel field and what we can explore deeper during the Fabricademy.

FabCare challenge - Designing a dynamic hand-orthosis

09 & 10

Workshop leaders: Adriana Cabrera, Niels Lichtenthäler, Paula Janecke, Alessandra Crotty | matrix gGmbH

Our hands are one of the most precious resources of our body. If our arm is injured, we would encounter various challenges to solve. Our maker community could make a real contribution to the development of assistive systems. This challenge is oriented towards developing a dynamic hand orthosis for assistance in different activities and applications, such as medicine, sport, work assistance, therapy and much more. We will explore agile innovation tools and learn how to implement these methods in your creative processes through this challenge.

This FAB16 award challenge, sponsored by MakeOpaedics research project and the matrix gGmbH, gives you the chance to explore agile innovation tools, learn how to apply these methods in your creative and prototyping processes. We support developing an open culture and global knowledge products that enable people to work together to create reproducible solutions.

The winner of this challenge will have the possibility to develop a two-week sprint together with the innovation team at matrix gGmbH in Düsseldorf (Germany). Depending on the Covid restrictions and conditions it could be done online or online in autumn 2021. 

FabCare MeetUp - community engagement


Workshop Leader: Adriana Cabrera | matrix gGmbH, Enrico Bassi | Open Dot

This workshop organized by FabCare network aims to bring together those FabLabs, who want to innovate in healthcare.

In the previous year, we have been collecting experiences on how to accompany co-creation processes in the health sector, start a digital lab, and cooperate with health entities like hospitals or orthopedic centers. This year, we would like to invite every FabLab interested in sharing their personal point of view, projects and experiences, and update the network on the news and next steps.

Join us if you want to learn more on what you could do to improve people's quality of life and innovate the healthcare sector.

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