We tell your stories across platforms and formats; make them visible, audible and tangible.

We accompany you from the first idea to the living story: Vom Social media presence on Instagram & LinkedIn via the viral YouTubeVideo up to your own Community Platform.

We work holistically, are curious and think outside the box. This is how you reach your target groups and inspire them.

Find out more about our areas of expertise:

Communication consulting

Good ideas activate people and empower them Movement. However, one good idea is not enough. The right Communication strategy is crucial:

How do you tell your content? How do you reach the target group? And how do you activate it? We think from your target group and develop holistic ones Concepts. We are happy to actively involve the target group. This is how you place your messages and reach yours Communication goals measurable. 

We have been developing and implementing communication strategies for many years. We advise holistically and know the latest Trends. We accompany you from the Conception to Implementation Your cross-media campaign. We often develop the strategy in an interactive and participatory way Workshops. We then rely on sustainable communication with the right people Multiplier: inside and your target audience. 

Our services at a glance

  • Methods and instruments for target group analysis and identification (persona method)
  • Holistic concept development, implementation, implementation and evaluation
  • Objective analysis of the current situation and communication planning 
  • Cross-media narrative style
  • Individually tailored to your target group, evaluations and reports for the continuous development of your instruments and content
  • Media competence and communication training,
    Workshops as day seminars or webinars

From content input to the entire campaign:
matrix is ​​your partner. 

Media creation

Do you want to send your message out into the world? We design it in such a way that it is also well received. We understand communication in a cross- and transmedial way, in order to fully exploit its possibilities and make them effective. We always think out of the target group and focus on their needs.

With Content marketing we tell your stories vividly and visualize them. This is how you will be remembered.

We support you based on your needs: from the production of a single film to the conception and implementation of an entire format. We draw on years of experience in the following areas and are particularly well positioned in all current trends and channels:

Our services at a glance

  • Social Media Management: # CanWe: Strategy development, campaign conception, content creation and production: from gifs to reels, we are perfectly positioned. Our focus is Instagram (young media) and YouTube (sustainable social media content).
  • Film & Photography: Reports, image films & recruiting videos, explanatory films & tutorials, product, portrait and process photography. 
  • Text & editing: From the topic idea to research and conception to editing. 
  • Press & public relations: Press releases, conferences & events, networking and maintenance and social media monitoring.
  • Corporate design, layout of print & web formats.

Community: The sustainable way

With us, the community and communication stand up eye level in the first place - their language, the Tone of voice, must be taken authentically. As a basis, we develop a community strategy. Together we analyze your community and work in a targeted manner Added value out. On this basis, we design participatory Campaigns and organize participation-oriented Event formats. This is how we strengthen the bond with and in the community. We primarily, but not only, rely on social media, building and expanding your channels, maintaining them and managing them optimally.

We build communities or bring existing communities together. This is how we give them one Marketplace for exchange. We enable your target group to create and communicate their own content. We give them a platform and let the community have their say. Our focus is on the basic ideas of participation and empathy.

Why You Should Invest in Community Management: 

  • Word of Mouth and Feedback: A brand is what is said about it when it is not in the room. A good community will actively get your message across and defend your products - it will become an advocate for your brand. 
  • User Generated Content (UGC): Contributions from your community about you help to further develop products and support change / innovation processes.  
  • The activation Your community is essential because it ensures lasting satisfaction and Bond the target audience. 
  • Market research: You get to know and understand your target group better - what appeals to you, what does it react to?
  • You actively involve the target group and work on your own image at the same time. 

Strengthen your brand through a community. Use the community as an opportunity for innovation. Let's build a space for your successful community together!


Fair & Events

Whether workshop or congress, BarCamp or academy, presentation or joint exhibition stand, together on site or online: We design your event with you and for you. According to the butler principle, we give you the feeling and the certainty that we are always by your side. We take care of everything as an all-rounder: inside and specialist: inside, tinkerer: inside and doer: inside, designer: inside and inventor: inside. In the end, one thing is important: it has to be your event! We stand for continuous support and are your permanent contact persons: from the preliminary planning, through the application and implementation to the follow-up. 

Our services at a glance  

  • Digital and hybrid events as well as live streams
  • Classic seminar, conference, congress formats
  • BarCamps, YouthScienceCamps 
  • Academies such as Fabricademy, Digital Prototyping Academy, theme academies  
  • Workshops, e.g. B. on the subject of takeover / user generated content or strategy workshops, business model workshops 
  • Video Awards including red carpet
  • Holiday camps for schoolchildren: like "YouTube meets Science" 
  • Training for companies and groups 
  • Impulse lectures 
  • Fasciliation/ Moderation

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