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Getting young people excited about STEM

You want to get young people excited about mathematics, computer science, natural sciences or technology. What is it that drives you? Do you want to enable young people in particular to understand the world better and to actively help shape it? Or do you want to attract young people to scientific or technical professions through STEM education?

15 years of STEM education

As experts in STEM education and STEM promotion with over 15 years of experience, we develop a suitable strategy, design suitable measures and implement them together with you. With us you can really reach young people. A key success factor in working with this young target group is to let them help shape it, to develop ideas, content and new approaches together. To do this, we use tried and tested communication and working methods from numerous projects, such as Future through Innovation.NRW (short: zdi).

MINT-Bildung und MINT-Förderung - Beratung vom Förderprogramm über die Gestaltung von Lernräumen bis hin zur E-Community.
Students create a programming for a robot project-zdi, Unlimited model release

From the MINT strategy and communication to the MINT experience space

Our range of services covers the entire spectrum of STEM education - from the first consultation to implementation. In addition, as long-standing players in STEM education and STEM funding, we are familiar with funding programs, exciting methods of involving young people, communication strategies and the design of entire learning and experience spaces - online in the form of e-communities and physically in Form of laboratories. What is it that drives us? With all our activities we inspire young people to discover, learn and share for themselves.  

STEM education services

  • STEM educational programs
  • MINT-up your MIND - MINT team events
  • Places of learning and experience
  • E-platforms & community management
  • funding programs
  • YouthScienceCamps and other barcamps
  • Age-appropriate communication concepts for young people
  • Campaign for MINT

STEM education from your perspective!


Do you want to set up a CSR project with topics such as sustainability and education, especially with and for young people? You take your responsibility for society seriously and this should be made much more visible - throughout Germany and Europe! Or is it more about attracting young STEM specialists in a targeted manner? With creative campaigns you will succeed in motivating the target group to participate and to become active yourself. With new participation formats, exciting learning and experience rooms and cool MINT events, you can set visible accents. 

STEM education is becoming increasingly important because the country needs more STEM specialists and young people who understand the world and help shape it. Are you already active in this field and want to get even better or do you finally want to work consistently on the STEM topic? A strategically well thought-out STEM education program, a new funding program, an exciting competition or more school laboratories as inspiring learning and experience spaces - are you thinking about that? In any case, you want to promote STEM education in the long term. 

Ministries & others
State institutions

Universities & large research institutions

Do you want to bring science to life and communicate research results in a way that is understandable for non-researchers as well? To do this, you need measures that make your topics tangible and a campaign that prepares your topics in an understandable manner for defined target groups. Or should students and employees learn how modern work works in a team and networked around the world? An exciting learning, research and experience space in which open innovation and modern manufacturing processes can be tried out are the solution. At the same time, you will become more attractive to potential students and employees. Do you find that interesting?

Education, STEM, sustainability or young people are among your funding priorities. You want to change and shape sustainably in these fields. Do you want to carry out a STEM education program or set up a funding program with a broad impact? The development or promotion of exciting learning and experience spaces from school laboratories to Open Innovation Labs is an exciting alternative? Modern participation formats and professional communication should support the measure of your choice. Do you want to think further here?


MINT references

Future through Innovation.NRW (zdi) is a joint offensive to promote the next generation of scientists and engineers in North Rhine-Westphalia. With over 4.500 partners from science, schools, business, politics and social groups, it is the largest of its kind in Europe. There are now 47 zdi networks and over 70 zdi student laboratories throughout North Rhine-Westphalia, which offer practical offers for children and young people on everything to do with mathematics, IT, natural sciences and technology, MINT for short.  

matrix functions together with ZENIT GmbH as the zdi regional office on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and supports the work of the zdi community in the regions.

Lern- und Erlebnisräume für MINT-Bildung schaffen - darin sind wir Experten

"MINTvernetzt" is the central service and contact point for MINT actors: all over Germany. The one funded by the BMBF with 12 million euros MINT-Networking point offers exchange, advice and practical tips as well as specific suggestions for innovative and sustainable MINT educational offers. 
As a “MINTvernetzt” network partner, matrix gGmbH is responsible for the technical and conceptual structure of the MINT-E platform as well as the Community-Management.

The network for STEM education and STEM funding is STEM networked.

The zdi-BSO-MINT program enables pupils from grade 7 of general education schools in North Rhine-Westphalia to gain a detailed insight into the MINT subjects as part of the in-depth professional and study orientation. In this way, the tendency to start a STEM degree or a STEM training is to be promoted. 

As the zdi regional office for the zdi-BSO-MINT program, matrix manages the funds, checks measures and courses for their feasibility and settles approved measures with the corresponding contractual partners in the zdi landscape. There you will also receive intensive advice and assistance with the conception and formulation of content or the creation of the final documentation.

MINT-Bildung und MINT-Förderung heißt junge Menschen für MINT begeistern.

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Guido Lohnherr

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