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Open Innovation Lab -

as an innovation workshop, training workshop & experience space 

The Open Innovation Lab is a multifunctional space in which innovative products are created, competencies relevant to competition flourish and real enthusiasm grows among employees, partners and customers. Because the Open Innovation Lab invites you to learn, do it yourself and share. With matrix you plan and implement your Open Innovation Lab professionally and precisely tailored to your strategy. 

Open Innovation Lab - This is how versatile you can use your innovation workshop 

The Open Innovation Lab is your place for digital manufacturing, prototyping and more. Here you develop new products together with customers, partners or suppliers. In addition, the quality of your training benefits, because today you prepare the trainees for the work of tomorrow in the Open Innovation Lab - which you also use as a training workshop. At the same time, you use the Open Innovation Lab for personnel development, because here you can experience modern work and thinking outside the box in very specific, real projects. If you open your new Open Innovation Lab to schools, universities or research institutions, it is an impressive boost for your employer branding.    


Experience in innovation management & in the design of learning settings 

matrix develops and prioritizes possible usage approaches for your new lab together with you. In addition, we develop the room concept from the necessary machine equipment to the color design to the furniture. In addition, we design suitable content-related programs, develop concepts for how you can integrate schools and other partners, and train your employees for this purpose.   

To do this, we combine our many years of experience in the conception of MINT learning settings as well as our skills in innovation management, product development and community building to create a new form of learning and experience space.  

Services Open Innovation Lab

  • Needs analysis: objectives, target groups, degree of integration
  • feasibility study
  • Project planning and roadmap
  • Develop usage concept
  • Develop the content of the program
  • Plan room concept: work areas and technology
  • Training for employees: inside and commissioning of the machines
  • Create a procurement list and accompany procurement
  • Support for community building internally and externally

How to use the Open Innovation Lab as ...

Training manager: in 

A training workshop today can be much more than workbenches. Your trainees understand digital manufacturing and open innovation. You will actively contribute the skills and the right attitude to the company during your training through exciting projects. Makerspaces and FabLabs are role models. In this way, you remain attractive for new apprentices even beyond the company's borders.

Today, innovation no longer takes place in the laboratory cellar, but in exchange with all departments and areas together with customers, suppliers and other partners. Do you want to approach this integration systematically and support it with the right methods? To do this, you want to create a place where ideas come together and a place for digital manufacturing where you can advance these ideas into prototypes and products. In this way, you make a decisive contribution to your research and development.

Head: in
Research and Development

Marketing, sales
Company manager: in

How do you manage to translate your knowledge of your customers' needs better, faster and cheaper into new, successful products? At a place where sales and development work together with users to develop new products, services, applications and business models! It is important to you that you get quick customer feedback and not walk in the wrong direction for so long. Customers should be really enthusiastic! The Open Innovation Lab is your space for new forms of collaboration with customers and partners.

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Anne Spaan

Anne Spaan

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