Gesundheitliche Chancengleichheit


Effect arises in movement

For us, getting people moving means that they don't just identify with one topic or project. We want to support people to become part of a movement and to get actively involved and thus develop an impact.

Understanding means understanding points of view

We put ourselves in the people and target groups, deal with different perspectives, contexts and points of view in order to understand more about the causes and possible solutions.

Change is a question of attitude

We always combine professionalism and passion in realizing the solutions: We believe that movement occurs when structures, methods and instruments are combined with the underlying motives and emotions. We connect topics, focus on your target groups and see the content in the respective contexts.

Inklusion schließt alle Menschen ein

Our solution tools

Participatory process

We think from the target group and implement participation formats for you with and for young people.

Campaign Development

Campaigns set people in motion, inspire and activate them. We develop concepts together with you and accompany you through the entire implementation.

Community Platform

Moving people create ideas and create their own content. We enable you to exchange ideas with and between your target group and offer your content a platform.

Program development, program management and monitoring

Ideas and visions require concepts and structures. Together with you, we develop programs, implement them and ensure that they are implemented successfully and effectively.

Health for All (& Inclusion)

Health is a basic requirement so that all people can live, learn and work independently.

What many do not know: Almost 20 percent of people in Germany are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. And poverty is one of the main risks to an unhealthy life. A very bad situation! That is why we as a matrix are intensely committed to empowering people who are most frequently affected by poverty and exclusion. In various subject areas and projects, e.g. B .:

Gesundheitliche Chancengleichheit
Improving the availability of technical aids for people with disabilities

Access to technical aids poses major hurdles for many people in need. Together with partners from science and the orthopedic trade, we are committed to noticeable improvements. Our main approach is the systematic use of digital manufacturing processes in the production of aids and the better interaction between science, manufacturers and people with needs.

Digitization in healthcare

Digital technologies can make it much easier for patients to access health services. Success depends largely on the acceptance and active participation of patients and medical staff.
We are working on complex concepts in which technological innovations can be used to trigger social innovations and real improvements.

Health care in rural areas

In the next three years, around 50.000 general practitioners in Germany will retire. Many of them in the country: Experts cautiously estimate that this affects around 100 practices for a medium-sized rural district. And many of these practices will not be continued due to a lack of succession planning. There is also considerable consolidation at hospitals. And nursing staff is also much more difficult to attract in rural areas than in cities. And despite numerous private and public initiatives, it is becoming increasingly clear that there will be insufficient return of doctors, especially general practitioners, to the country.

We support rural areas with technology-based solutions and effective communication measures.

MINT-Förderung als wesentlicher Bestandteil der Zukunft.


A special focus of our work is the empowerment of young people, but also other groups. The aim is always for these groups to be able to represent and, of course, enforce their interests in a more self-determined and stronger manner. The thematic spectrum ranges from educational issues in schools, companies and universities to socio-political challenges such as sustainability, health, safety and inclusion to maintaining or regaining entrepreneurial freedom for important industries, for example in the course of increasing digitization or changing legal or financial framework conditions (e.g. B. for SMEs, self-employed, business start-ups or farms).

Municipality included

With the Community Inclusive initiative, Aktion Mensch has been supporting colorful and respectful coexistence in five selected municipalities since the beginning of 2017. The model municipalities are spread across Germany. Aktion Mensch supports them in the development of plans and ideas in order to be able to create long-term inclusive living environments locally.

BarCamps like the YouthScienceCamp

A BarCamp is an open conference with open workshops, the content and sequence of which is developed by the participants themselves at the beginning of the conference and designed in the further course.

A YouthScienceCamp is a special event format to promote the participation of young people in the MINT area. The format is based on the BarCamp. The most important thing: The young people decide what is talked about. Topics and ideas are collected on site. Show of hands determines whether enough people are interested in a topic. Then the individual sessions start.

Girls and young women

More and more girls and young women are choosing a STEM occupation or course of study. Nevertheless, the potential of well-educated young women is far from being exhausted and they are clearly underrepresented in the fields of mechanical engineering, IT and engineering. The annual “zdi heroines” campaign is intended to help.

Students / trainees

Vocational training is the first step on the way to independent living and working. As an identity-creating process, it lays the foundation for the development of one's own values ​​and visions and enables young people to stand up for their interests. During their studies and training, they receive the knowledge and tools that they need to realize themselves and help shape society. matrix supervises projects that bring about changes in content and structure and accompany and support young people on their individual educational path.

Digitization: Discover and use the potential of the trainees

If you want to digitize your company and make it fit for the future, you need competent and motivated employees. That is why we start with our digitalization programs during training. Because here personal skills meet the desire to invest in your own professional future. Let yourself be carried away by your trainees - and move your entire company. We will accompany you. Such as the KungFu OWL project (

Study doubts & dropout

Doubts about their own studies - like doubts about their own professional training - are part of the reality of young people's lives. This goes hand in hand with individual, social and economic effects: drop-outs are increasingly gaining a quantitative and ultimately also a qualitative dimension for the overall system of education, training and work. During their studies, young people sometimes find that the path they are taking is not the right one for them, and doubts arise. The reasons for this are as individual as they are complex. With the Next Career project, which is funded by the BMBF and MKW ( is funded, taboos are removed from the subjects of study doubts and dropping out and advice is intensified. We support the further development of the instruments, the sustainable establishment and provide trainers and labor market actors with the right approach to the target group. We always think from this perspective and also work together with the target group of students (e.g. setting up a buddy program).

Bringing support offers to the public

When developing independence, many young people are confronted with new issues that they need to cope with their everyday lives - from economic to legal to health aspects. There are numerous offers to support them, although these are seldom known to the target group. How this can be achieved and addressed in the best possible way is shown by a project that matrix implemented on behalf of the NRW consumer organization: A social media concept was developed that was conceived from the target group. The focus was deliberately placed on participation elements in order to determine the user behavior of young people and to promote their participation.

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